Infrared Thermography

Our Infraspection Institute certified instructor, Jason Czajkowski in action.

Infrared inspections greatly improve safety, minimalize equipment downtime and produce rapid accurate results.

On-Site Inspection

Infrared Thermography is a non-contact inspection method that allows the client to view anomalies or defects that are not visible to the human eye. This allows highly accurate detection and inspection for a wide range of applications. Base Line Data has highly trained Level III inspectors in Thermography for industrial inspections such as electrical breakers, loose connections, faulty fuses, overloads, high-temperature furnace and refractory lined equipment, moisture intrusion, leak detection, solar panel surveys, and flat roof inspections. BLD also offers Optical Gas Imaging for the detection of VOC gasses from refinery applications to home inspections. No job is too big or small.

Training Courses

Base Line Data offers in-house training for those interested in expanding their inspection capabilities. Every class is 1-week long and ends with a certification test. You can expect hands-on training in learning how to interpret thermograms and camera operation. It is recommended you register one week before the start of each class.

2022 Course Schedule

If you have any questions on how to register and availability, contact us online or by telephone. (361) 643-3400