Non-Destructive Examination

 NDT Level III Services

We offer auditing services for your company’s NDT program as well as in-house training and certification for most NDT methods. Base Line Data uses real-world flawed specimens and examples to ensure a high degree of knowledge is retained. A third-party certification program is available for companies who lack an NDT Level III Inspector. This can be accomplished at the customers/client’s location or Base Line Data’s facility. We also offer lecture/lab NDT training for your inspectors.  Base Line Data isn’t just local we can travel to almost anywhere in the world.

A fast and reliable method our highly trained personnel can detect and, in most cases, correct problems immediately on the spot to meet a code or given inspection criteria. Visual Testing can be done with the naked eye, employing magnification, or with the use of borescopes or remote cameras including robotic assets.

Liquid Penetrant Testing is a tried-and-true method using a liquid to coat material and observing the specimen either under natural light or black light to see any discontinuities that are found on the surface of the part. Performing a Penetrant Test is fast and reliable and can be performed remotely or at Base Line Data’s Facility with little downtime.

This process is ideal for detecting discontinuities (indications) that open the surface in non-ferrous, and ferrous materials such as Inconel, Monel, aluminum, copper-nickel, steel, or stainless steel. With the different methods of liquid penetrant, it can be performed on welds, castings, machined surfaces, and threaded surfaces.

Magnetic Particle is a Non-Destructive Testing method that is used in ferrous materials to identify discontinuities in a material by examining disruptions in the flow of the magnetic field within the material. Highly trained inspectors first induce a magnetic field in a material that is highly influenced by magnetization. After inducing the magnetic field, the surface of the material is then covered with iron particles, either sprayed or blown on which reveal disruptions in the flow of the magnetic field. These disruptions create visual indications that are examined for acceptability. This method is highly mobile and can be performed either at the customer’s location or at Base Line Data’s facility. Permanent magnets are also used for intrinsically safe environments such as tanks or voids.

Ultrasonic Testing is the process of transmitting high-frequency sound waves into a material to identify a back wall to verify or identify thickness or as an inspection method to locate discontinuities inside the part.

Base Line Data has highly trained and experienced UT thickness and Shear Wave Inspectors. Our inspectors can be onsite at your location or at our facility. Ultrasonic testing is non-invasive and possess no risk to the part and personnel. UT creates depth and location of a discontinuity that traditional X-Ray cannot. Inspections can be done on new or existing welds to include almost all ferrous and non-ferrous materials.