Inspection Services

Base Line Data, Inc. provides assessment and repair recommendations for your tank needs. Inspection may consist of infrared thermography, tank crawler inspection, vacuum box testing, helium tank bottom testing, magnetic flux leakage testing, API-653 tank assessments or a multitude of non-destructive examination disciplines.

Base Line Data, Inc. provides Infrared Thermography and Maritime Thermographic Surveys.  Base Line Data, Inc. has on staff a full time Level III Infrared Thermographer that reviews all data and reports.  Our Infrared Thermographic services provide efficient and economical management support with real-time data to quickly, accurately and safely locate problems prior to failure.

Base Line Data, Inc. provides VQA and coordinating services worldwide. The following are some of the equipment inspections and services available upon request:

Vendor Surveillance Inspections
Facility Assessments

Furnace Tubes
Tanks and Silos
Pressure Vessels
Ocean going Vessels (bulk carriers, cruise ships, ferries, navy vessels, tankers, yachts)
Electrical (switch/distribution boards, control panels, emergency generators equipment, wiring)
Structural (Moisture, Delamination, Debonding)
Mechanical (Bearing Inspections, Rotor and Stator motor windings)

Base Line Data, Inc. services include both Qualitative and Quantitative Infrared Thermography: