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Training - Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UT-IIA) Course

Ultrasonic Thickness measurement of material cross-section has become markedly more difficult. Years ago, as long as a person could calibrate a digital thickness measuring instruments he/she was considered a UT Thickness Technician. Today that just isn't so! There are many instruments on the market today and a technician is expected to be able to operate any his/her company utilizes. They are equipped with "A" scan presentations; "B" scan viewing and also equipped with data-logging capabilities to interface with software such as the PCMS and UltraPipe programs. They are capable of measuring many types of material and each one of these materials can create the need for additional training.

The Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UT-IIA) Course is designed to give students the confidence to be able to use two of the most important instruments on the market today. These instruments are the KrautKramer DMS-2 and the Panametric 36DL+. Both of these instruments have a lot of capability. If used properly, these tools will provide reliable information. At the end of this course the student will have more than enough hours to understand and be certified as a limited Ultrasonic Level IIA technician. All certification is the responsibility of the student's employer, but can be contracted out providing the ASNT Level III performing the training is representing that company in Non-Destructive Training. A student taking this course will learn the dos and don'ts of Ultrasonic Thickness Testing. Upon successfully passing this course, a student will be issued a Certification of Completion for the documented training hours. Students who successfully pass the examination, have the required experience hours and whose company is contracted to Base Line Data, Inc. for ASNT Level III services will be issued a Level IIA certificate. These certificates are valid for three (3) years. Most industries require this certification for technicians performing non-destructive examinations. Having this training or certification will assist in obtaining employment in this field and will boost one's potential for higher pay. The course consists of twenty-four (24) hours of classroom and laboratory training. Both day and night class alternatives are available. A minimum of eight (8) students is necessary for the class to form. These courses are offered at least four times a year and the dates, pricing and sign-up can be accessed through the posted schedule. All courses are taught with the student in mind and are designed to give the student the ability to perform Ultrasonic Thickness examinations, along with the understanding of how this technique works, when it should be applied, and how it should be interpreted.

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