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Training - Radiographic Film Interpretation (RTFI)

Our Radiographic Film Interpretation Training (RTFI) Course is designed to give a student the required hours; training and understanding to be able to interpret radiographic film for weld quality. This course consists of classroom instruction and hands-on experience in evaluation film. This certification is considered to be a limited certification applicable only to the grading and evaluation of radiographic film. The certification will be designated RTFI-IIA. The certification of a Radiographic Film Interpretation technician is the responsibility of his/her employer, but can be contracted out as long as the ASNT Level III performing the training is representing that company in Non-Destructive Training.

The RTFI course will train the technician on how to determine film quality, ensure that the proper Image Quality Indicator has been used, recognize weld discontinuities and how to evaluate these discontinuities to a reference code section. A student taking this course will learn the dos and don'ts of Radiographic Film Interpretation and how to relate these indications to a fabrication code. There will three examinations at the completion of this course. Upon successfully passing this course, a student will be issued a Certification of Completion for the documented training hours. Students who successfully pass the examination, have the required experience hours and whose company is contracted to Base Line Data, Inc. for ASNT Level III services will be issued a Level I or Level IIA certificate.

These certificates are valid for three (3) years. Most industries require this certification for technicians performing Radiographic Film Interpretation. Having this training or certification will assist in obtaining employment in this field and will boost one's potential for higher pay. The course will consist of twenty-four (24) hours of classroom training and testing. Both day or night class alternatives are available. A minimum of ten (10) students is necessary to form a class. These courses will be taught at least four times a year and the dates, pricing and sign-up can be accessed through the posted schedule. All courses are taught with the student in mind and are designed to give the student the ability to perform Radiographic Film Interpretations.

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