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Training - NACE Session I, II and III (CIP) Training

All NACE Coating Inspection Programs are taught by NACE certified inspectors. These are people who have met the rigorous testing and certification by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. The courses are offered at our facility at 206 Lang Road in Portland, Texas. Each course is approximately six days with the first day begining on Sunday. To reach the certification stage, a student must have attended the three levels of training (Session I, II and III) leading up to certification. In each course, a student must satisfactorily pass the required examination. Upon completing these steps a student can then sit for a "peer" review. Upon successfully passing the "peer" review students are then certified as a Level III Certified NACE Inspector.

Base Line Data, Inc. takes great pleasure in helping qualified candidates take the necessary training for certification. With most coating applications failing before their intended life expectancy, more rigorous inspection of coating application are called for. All NACE Coating Courses will be held only during the daytime hours only. They are typically ten-hour days and last for six days.

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