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Training - Magnetic Particle (MT) Course

Our Magnetic Particle (MT) Course is designed to give a student the required hours and understanding to be able to be certified as a Level I or Level II MT technician. The certification of an MT Technician is the responsibility of the his/her employer, but can be contracted out as long as the ASNT Level III performing the training is representing that company in Non-Destructive Training.

Magnetic Particle Testing is a relatively simple examination which is performed on ferromagnetic materials. The distinguishing characteristic of ferromagnetic materials is their strong attraction to a magnet. The magnetic particle testing technique can be used to identify surface and near-surface imperfections. When a material is magnetized and a flux leakage exists on this material, ferromagnetic particles will align over the top of any discontinuities. This becomes a visible indication that must be evaluated to the acceptability of the code to which the part was manufactured or fabricated. Magnetic Particle examinations may be performed by the dry, wet or fluorescent method. A student taking this course will learn the dos and don'ts of Magnetic Particle Testing and how to evaluate these indications per a code. Upon successfully passing this course, a student will be issued a Certification of Completion for the documented training hours. Students who successfully pass the examination, have the required experience hours and whose company is contracted to Base Line Data, Inc. for ASNT Level III services will be issued a Level I or Level II certificate. These certifications are good for three (3) years. Almost all industries require this certification for technicians performing non-destructive examinations. Having this training or certification will assist in obtaining employment in this field and will boost one's potential for higher pay. This course will consist of twenty-four (24) hours of classroom training and testing. Both day and night class alternatives are available. A minimum of at least ten (10) students is necessary for the class to form. These courses are offered at least four times a year and dates, pricing and sign-up can be accessed through the posted schedule. All courses are taught with the student in mind and are designed to give the student the ability to perform Magnetic Particle examinations, as well as the understanding of how this technique works, when it should be applied, and how it should be interpreted.

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