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Training - AutoCAD Training For The Novice, Intermediate and Advanced

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) has been around for many years. To gain training, one must normally go to college, vocational school or learn on the job. Those attending college or vocational school for this training find it a drawn out process. Although the professors teaching these courses are excellent at the program, they tend to miss what's needed for field application. Base Line Data, Inc. has developed courses to get the student up and running at a faster pace. These courses will be offered at three (3) levels. They will consist of the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced training levels.

Each level will consist of thirty-two (32) hours of classroom and hands-on training. For the time being, the courses will only be held at night.People who may be interested are Engineers, Fabricators, Supervisors, Inspectors or anyone needing to document their drawings electronically.

This course will develop the student in the world of Computerized Drafting, within the AutoCAD program. A minimum of ten (10) students is required to form a class. These courses are offered at least four times a year and the dates, pricing and sign-up can be accessed through the posted schedule.

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