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Services - Specialty - Corrosion Mapping

Corrosion Mapping is an ultrasonic method capable of determining an accurate assessment of a material's cross-section. It works by sending an ultrasonic straight beam signal into a material's surface and then scanning through both the "X" and "Y" axis of the material. This method can provide millions of individual readings, which can be graphed onto a color display revealing a multitude of information.

It is used for scanning pipe and vessel walls to determine the full extent of internal corrosion or erosion, mapping out selected weld corrosion and locating "hydrogen blistering." Many companies use it for proving up "smart pig" surveys and performing vessel wall assessments without having to take the equipment out of service. It is an ideal tool for determining whether there is enough remaining wall thickness to safely weld on a pressurized line for "hot tapping" purposes. A permanent record is maintained on each scan.

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