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Welder Testing

Base Line Data works closely with our clients to ensure testing meets their specified requirements and that of the applicable testing code.

We offer full service metallurgical analysis, including lab mounted hardness with digital photos, charpy impacts, yields, full color graphed tensile reports, chemical analysis (carbon and alloys), as well as (PWHT) stress relief to ensure our clients receive accurate data in Procedure qualifications and metallurgical analysis.

All procedure qualification records and data become confidential property of our clients and can be sent electronically upon completion of testing. Our lab strives to provide the shortest processing and turnaround time possible, with next day results on standard welder qualifications and testing.

All welder performance qualification and variables are per the latest edition standards: ASME Section IX, ASME Process Piping B31.3, AWSD1.1, API-1104. We also offer ONSITE Welder Testing.

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